The HOUSS site on West 6th is alive with construction activity!

The excavating and shoring process is now fully underway. These first steps are crucial to ensuring a safe and successful build. Site excavation is the digging and removal of earth, rock and other material from the site with tools and large machinery. Once the site has been excavated, the shoring process can begin. In this step, the team drills into the earth and inserts giant metal rods that help to support the perimeter walls of the site. The Ventana and Conwest teams are about halfway through the excavation process and are about to commence shoring the south side of the site.

HOUSS is alive with construction activity!

Once the shoring is complete the team will begin laying the foundation and building the site service infrastructure – stay tuned for more updates as construction on HOUSS progresses.

It’s exciting to see this construction process fully underway. We are on track to welcome business owners into their new space in Q2 2021.

about HOUSS

HOUSS is a contemporary strata building in the vibrant Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, with a mix of industrial and office flex spaces and a unique restaurant component on the main floor.

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