The early morning hours of Wednesday, July 17, 2019 proved to be an exciting time on West 6th Ave as approximately 50 people gathered on the HOUSS site, including the construction team, the moving crew, Telus, Vancouver police and a full film crew. As most of the neighbourhood was sleeping, our team joined forces with Nickel Bros to move the Coulter House to its temporary location.




This crucial part of the construction process is very tricky and required 16 months of planning. The first step was to prepare the structure and surrounding area for the move. The process started by installing bracing, and building temporary transportation walls to add to the integrity of the structure. In order to secure the bracing, holes in the foundation needed to be cut very carefully. The site was then excavated, trenches were dug and a road was built to ensure a safe and clear pathway for the house to travel.

In advance of the scheduled moving day, Nickel Bros installed steel beams into the foundation walls very carefully in order to help bear the weight of the house during the move. Hydraulic jacks were then placed underneath the beams in order to lift the house onto giant dollies. At about midnight, Nickel Bros began the relocation by attaching the dollies to a giant truck and the road move began.

The Coulter House was then slowly moved along roads and parked in its temporary location while crew members walked alongside ensuring all safety measures were followed. The house will remain in this location until we are ready to repeat the process and move it back to West 6th to incorporate it into the new building, allowing it to once again be part of the social fabric of Mount Pleasant.


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