The HOUSS site is bustling with activity as the on-site crews work diligently towards completion of the project this summer.

The major milestone last week was the Coulter House’s move back to site. The house was moved back from its temporary location overnight on March 29 and 30. Wood bracing was installed to ensure the structure would remain intact during its move. Once the house was in position on-site, the team removed the steel beams, wood bracing, and jacking equipment and lowered the house onto the foundation. The Coulter House is now undergoing fresh exterior and interior paint, in addition to the reinstallation of the porch. More work will continue inside the house to fully finish the restoration.




The crew has been busy installing the interior drywall of the building, now completed up to the fourth floor. The main floor washroom tile is now installed, with the lobby next on the list for its final finishes. Painting is also underway for the interior walls, as well as in the underground parkade.




In addition to work on the house restoration, the team is focused on completing the building envelope cladding and finalizing the elevator work, with the final drywalling being completed. The surrounding landscaping plan is scheduled to start at the end of April.





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